8 observacions sobre Live 8

En Michael Robertson, de can Linspire, fa 8 observacions sobre Live 8. La 3ª:

3) Sorry African nations, you can’t watch the concert.

In what may be the start of a new trend, I’m told that video streaming of every Live 8 concert was available, and viewers had the ability to navigate directly to any performance then fast forward and rewind the footage. Unfortunately, in an ugly example of music incompatibility, the video stream was available only in Windows Media, which means Mac and Linux users were locked out. You may recall that Microsoft settled claims related to their illegal business tactics used wipe out Netscape with Time Warner. As part of the agreement, Time Warner agreed to wipe out — er … I mean “switch” — from Real Network technology to Microsoft technology, thus making Live 8 a “Microsoft-only” event. How ironic that an event focused on global poverty is only viewable with an outrageously expensive Microsoft solution that is far out of the reach of developing nations, and not viewable with Linux, the technology that is pulling emerging countries around the globe into the digital age.

Aquí teniu l’article sencer.

També vaig trobar que una altre cosa no quadrava, al Live 8.

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  1. Molt bo, però crec que és una mica imprecís. Hi haurà hagut sfricans que si hauran pogut veure-ho, tota l’estirp de politicorruptes que compliquen les tasques d’ajut a les ONG si que deuen tenir accés a la ‘indignantment costosa solució de hasefroch’.

    Tant de bo els nous requadres que inclous ajudin a finançar l’hostatjament. Trobo que ofereixen informació força interessant, de fet he seguit el parell d’enllaços i -crec que- sempre ho faré 😉

    Keep up the good work!

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